What better thing to do on a Saturday and Sunday in the middle of July? As Rotaractors July is a month where we are pumped up with adrenaline as it is the start of our Rotary year. When you sign up as an active Rotaractor you rarely get a weekend for yourself but no we are not complaining. We love Rotaract-ing!

As clubs were busy planning their rotaract year ahead the district steering committee was busy assisting them in every way possible. Thus a way to assist 90+ clubs around the island was scheduled to be held on this geared up weekend. It was the Avenue Directors’ Training Seminar, also fondly known as ADTS (not AIDS) which was conducted successfully on the 24th and 25th of July. This was organized by the Professional Development Avenue of the District Steering Committee for the year 2022-2023.

Alas, they didn’t forget to terrorize the lives of the entire district steering committee that weekend as the ADTS consisted of 11 insightful sessions from various avenues and sub avenues of Rotaract. These sessions varied from club service, community service, professional development, international service, sports and recreation, regional engagement, treasury, public relations, editorial and so on.

Even though it was a weekend all these sessions were graced by over 1300+ enthusiastic rotaractors from around the island who were excited to learn, serve and strive throughout this year and throughout their years to come. The sessions were open to the respective avenue directors, presidents and secretaries of a club, which in some instances we observed the presence of all three parties. Now you know how hyped up they were. Due to the ongoing issues the sessions were held on zoom which made the sessions accessible even to our rotaractors from all over the island. Not to mention the extended power cuts which were quite a challenge as well. But we did what we do best, face any obstacle and still brave through.

These sessions comprehensively covered every aspect of rotaract and trained them to be resilient and prepared to face a successful Rotaract year. At the end of each session a Q and A session was also initiated to enrich the quality of the training session further. Members interacting and voicing their questions also built an initial relationship between the avenue directors and district steering committee. To strengthen this bond even further, respective avenue groups were created through WhatsApp as an easily approachable interface between the two parties throughout the year. This would also help the communication of avenue updates. Excited to find out which particular ADTS session was the most interesting? But oops, that is for us to know and for you to find out.

After the session, recordings and materials were provided to our participants so that they can skim through them anytime they feel confused. But during each session district members promised that they would be available to be bothered with any questions or queries throughout the year. Which they would regret eventually (guess we will never know). And thus ended the eventful weekend of the Avenue Directors’ Training Seminar, which was loaded with knowledge, fellowship, encouragement, enthusiasm and of course everything Rotaract.






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