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  • Tri-Cultural Fusion

    Tri-Cultural Fusion

    Tri-Cultural Fusion!!!!! So you have heard about this. Are you curious to know more about this? Then here is your chance. So Tri Cultural Fusion is an International Service initiative that includes a series of team-based, fun, and engaging activities to interact with fellow rotaractors as a cultural exchange followed by service across the 3…

  • Rotaract Beyond the Sea 02 : RID 9370

    Rotaract Beyond the Sea 02 : RID 9370

    Culture is the single most unique and inherent attribute of any community or country. The number of existing cultures in the world are innumerable but quite intriguing to learn of at the same time. To bridge cultural barriers across the globe, Rotaractors from RID 3220, RID 9370 & RID 2452 joined hands to launch the…

  • Rotaract Beyond the Sea 01 : RID 2452

    Rotaract Beyond the Sea 01 : RID 2452

    Across the globe we have people from different ethnicities, races, and religions. These differences are what makes us unique. In order to bring people together from different countries for a session of fellowship and bonding, the Tri-Cultural Fusion event was initiated. The event was a celebration of diversity among the 3 organizing districts, that are…