Christmas with Uptown

The Uptown Christmas party held on the 22nd of December 2022 was no doubt a blast thanks to the Chairs of the project Rtr. Minod and Rtr. Tharusha and their meticulous planning.

The club members enjoyed a night filled with music, dancing, and laughter, as well as some fun Christmas activities, including the singing of Christmas carols, and a Secret Santa letter exchange that left everyone wondering who could have possibly been behind the card they had received.

The event most definitely was a terrific display of the Uptown spirit, which is based on unity, charity, and having fun. The event also succeeded in bringing all members of Uptown together in time for the holidays to spread the Christmas cheer while strengthening our bonds. This was especially true for the newer members of the club, a few of whom were initiated into the club at the event, giving them a taste of what it means to be an Uptowner.

Not only was the Christmas party a great success in terms of creating a sense of closeness and familiarity among Uptowners, but it also managed to stay true to the Christmas spirit, as club members brought gifts for small children all wrapped up and ready to be given to a children’s home with fewer facilities. This gesture will also be carried out as another novel initiative of Colombo Uptown in the month of December, where a little goes a long way and will certainly be the reason behind some smiles this season, as it is the season of giving after all!

Penned by
Rtr. Dilunya De Mel
Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown





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