Claus for a Cause

Christmas is all about sharing love and care with the ones around you. A part of celebrating Christmas is spending time with your loved ones and sharing gifts with each other. Witnessing how their eyes light up when they open the presents you chose just for them and the excitement that builds up within you while you unwrap your presents is truly a wonderful feeling. The Rotaract Club of University of Ruhuna decided that this merry feeling of Christmas should be experienced by everyone, especially little children that wait in hopes of a loving family who will shower them with the love and affection that they deserve. Hence, we initiated the project ‘Claus for a Cause’ to share the joy of Christmas with the children residing in orphanages. To see smiles blooming on their faces. To see their eyes shine with happiness as they accept the gifts meant for them with their little hands.

This initiative first took place in 2021, where we gifted toys, stationery, sweets, and other necessities with the help of generous souls that contributed to this wonderful cause. This year we continued on with the project as ‘Claus for a Cause 2.0’. As the project’s first phase, we paid a visit to ‘Oba mama’ children’s home in Kekanadura on 18 December to spend the day with the children there. We gifted them the presents we had prepared for them, sang with them, and had fun playing games and entertaining the little ones. It was a day well spent with wonderful memories, and we sincerely hope those little hearts were filled with joy.

Next, the project ‘Jolly Jamboree’ is the annual Christmas event organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Ruhuna with the hope of bringing the members closer to each other and celebrating the achievements of the members and the club in a less formal setting because Christmas is a holiday that should be spent sharing happiness with each other.

Last year we organized this event for the first time, and the club members spent the day filled with presents, laughter, and happy memories. This year, because we believe that the more, the merrier, we decided to extend our invitation to any undergraduate student at the University of Ruhuna to join us regardless of being a member of the club. With this, we intend to foster new connections among the university community and shed a positive light on the club’s image. ‘Jolly Jamboree 2.0’ is expected to be held on 7 January 2023, and we intend to make the project a success with our club’s collective effort.

Penned by
Rtr. Nuhansi Gunawardena
Rotaract Club of University of Ruhuna






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