Rotaract Beyond the Sea 01 : RID 2452

Across the globe we have people from different ethnicities, races, and religions. These differences are what makes us unique. In order to bring people together from different countries for a session of fellowship and bonding, the Tri-Cultural Fusion event was initiated. The event was a celebration of diversity among the 3 organizing districts, that are RID 3220 Sri Lanka and Maldives, RID 9370 South Africa and Lesotho and RID 2452 Armenia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan and UAE. 

As stated by DRR. Rtr. Yasmina El Assi of RID 2452,

“Our vision this year consists of working and leading with the belief that to be able to grow our individual clubs we must be able to strengthen the bonds and remove the boundaries within our district.”

Rotaract Beyond the Sea 01

“Our mission will be to mobilize the clubs, to learn from their past experiences and from that of other clubs in the RID 2452, encourage partnerships and collaborations among each other and with the Rotary clubs and finally support them in taking initiatives.”

DRR. Rtr. Yasmina El Assi mentioned that this was an opportunity to GROW STRONGER together on a district level.  A time to share stories and learn new things about each participating country. 

The Rotary International District 2452 inaugurated in 1932, with the Rotary club de Beyrouth. Following this, the first Rotaract club initiated in 1980 was the Rotaract Club of Tripoli. The district currently consists of 3 Continents, 9 countries, 52 clubs, and more than 1000 members. Aforementioned countries include Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan, Sudan, Bahrain, UAE, Georgia, Armenia and Palestine. The district was initially called District 83 and was renamed as District 2452 in 2013.

Rotaract Club of Jumeirah

Some of the initiatives organised by the clubs of Rotaract District 2452 are as follows; The Rotaract Club of Jumeirah UAE volunteered to help the less fortunate of the National Charity School in Sharjah. The aim of this project was to serve the community and see it flourish. The project was successfully completed and benefitted the lives of many in the UAE. 

Understanding the importance of managing finances and allocating income for monthly expenses, the Rotaract Club of Amman Jordan River and Amman Citadel by Layan Alsalhi organised “Money Management” to help participants understand how to deal finances and to provide valuable advice on managing money.

Rotaract Club of Amman

A joint international district project was organised with District 3232, during which DRR. Rtr. Yasmina El Assi spoke about the culture and traditions of the 9 countries in the district. She further mentioned that strong bond that ties the clubs together and the goal to grow stronger together.

The Rotaract Club of Amman Jordan River also organised “Music for Charity” which was a musical concert initiated to raise funds for community service projects. Collected funds were to be used for the “Winter Act” project and the “Wise recycling” project which are centred around protecting the environment.

Rotaract Club of Amman Jerash

Further, the Rotaract Club of Amman Jerash organised their “Winter Warmth” project where heaters and blankets were distributed amongst less fortunate families. They were able to successfully help 23 families in the vicinity through this project.

These are only but a few of the highlights of the various projects organised by clubs within the district. RID 3220 commends the hard work and effort put in by RID 2452 to touch the lives of the community while growing stronger together. It is quite evident that we, as Rotaractors, are all in this together. To go beyond the possibilities presented, and to “serve to change lives!”. 

Penned by Rtr. Aakil Riyaz in collaboration with the District Editorial Team






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