Rotaract Beyond the Sea 02 : RID 9370

Culture is the single most unique and inherent attribute of any community or country. The number of existing cultures in the world are innumerable but quite intriguing to learn of at the same time. To bridge cultural barriers across the globe, Rotaractors from RID 3220, RID 9370 & RID 2452 joined hands to launch the project, Tri-Cultural Fusion

This was an International Service initiative primarily aimed at bringing Rotaractors from 3 different districts to interact and foster camaraderie. The project primarily included; highly engaging team building activities, followed by service projects across the three districts.

What was fascinating about this project was the trio of districts that made it happen. Let us start with RID 9370 to make it easy to understand.

Rotary International District 9370 (RID 9370) came into being on the 1st of July 2013 when districts 9270 & 9320 were merged. RID 9370 has around 14 Rotaract clubs with about 180 members. 

Projects such as the District Conference and the Presidents and Officers Elect Training Seminar (PETS) were some of the district’s projects conducted so far while ensuring a consistent and growing member base in all their clubs. Apart from this, the district also takes the initiative to assist cubs in meeting their annual project targets.

Almost all their projects are primarily aimed at aiding the general public in the most sustainable way possible. These include visiting children’s homes on Christmas, donating stationery to children before the school year starts, giving Diwali and Easter parcels to families living below the poverty line.

Some notable endeavours by clubs within the district were;

The Rotaract Club of Chatsworth embarks on a project to donate a projector, screen and books to a local primary school for their media centre.

The Rotaract Club of Verulam made a generous donation of grocery Hampers to an orphanage in Inanda. Christmas Project – ensuring those less fortunate can also fill their bellies, the club donated 100 cans of baked beans to Pioneer Primary School in Phoenix. 

The Rotaract Club of Gately participated in a beach clean-up of Nahoon Reef in East London, Eastern Cape. They also donated animal food to an animal care shelter in 2021. 

These projects were well-received by the beneficiaries, who expressed their sincere gratitude towards the members of the clubs.

This is sheer testimony of Rotary’s reach as a global movement, and we, the RID 3220, were beyond honoured to have carried out Tri-Cultural fusion with a district that was constantly pushing borders to make the impossible happen. 

All in all, the excerpt from the Rotaract invocation, “That the differences of cultures and creed should not matter”, embodies what Rotaract stands for as a global movement in all its glory.

Penned by Rtr. Aimee Perera in collaboration with the District Editorial Team






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