Winter Wishes

We believe that every child deserves to receive Christmas gifts. Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless, stressing true values, and sharing love and joy in an effort to recollect beautiful memories.

The donation program, “Winter Wishes,” was organized by the Rotaract Club of CINEC Campus Malabe to celebrate Christmas with children in Mahabodhi Child Development Center, Meegoda, and was successfully held on 23rd December 2022.

To signify the meaning of Christmas, we decided to make a contribution to a childcare center as our Christmas project. After discussion, we selected Mahabodhi Child Development Center as the best place to execute the project. The project was held with the participation of 15 club members and ten children who joined hands to celebrate Christmas at Mahabodhi Child Development Center. Due to the request made by the authorities, our main intention was to donate school bags, bed sheets, sanitary items, and stationery. Owing to the contributions and donations made by club members and other donors, we were able to provide snack boxes consisting of 7 different snacks and Christmas gifts for each child.

Our members decorated the hall where the event was to be held by decorating a Christmas tree in order to get the atmosphere of Christmas and to make the children happy. Adding color to the event, the children of Mahabodhi Development Center performed a dance that filled us with joy and happiness. Moreover, we played some games with them, such as Christmas hat sharing, dare box, What’s in the box, and a dancing statue.

The games turned out to be extremely successful as we could get the children to engage with us and approach us. After the games, the children had their tea break and were given their snack boxes together with coffee. Finally, to wind up the event, we played the guitar while singing with the children and then asked them to collect their gifts, which were arranged under the Christmas tree.

In conclusion, as members of the Rotaract club of CINEC Campus, we had the opportunity to convey our warm love and to make the little ones smile by spending an unforgettable evening with children in Mahabodhi Development Center, Meegoda.

Penned by
Rtr. Dinali Mawela
Rotaract Club CINEC Campus





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